Jan 3, 2019


What am I going to do? I want you back. This sucks. I miss you sorely..

Dec 18, 2018


I’m hoping to foster a kitten. She is black and white, she has your ear adornments. She was very sick and she may lose one eye. I’m having someone help me rearrange my little place to make her a room, away from Maui, who I know will be jealous. I’m going to love her for someone someday. When she finally arrives here I have the privilege of giving her a new name.

Her new name will be Gabriella Dawn in your honor.

I miss you terribly.

Dec 16, 2018


I miss you terribly. I’ve been crying today. I love you.

Apr 28, 2018

Dear Maui

Dear Maui,

Thank you for being my loyal companion. Thank you for 10 years of joy and constant nuzzles. Thank you for letting me love you with abandon. And thank you for sharing your life with me.  I remember the day we met and the time and how the sun cast a glowing orange on your face. The day you came into my life, the moment when I saw you watching me and with those intense eyes you fixed your gaze upon me. I had been waiting for you, too, for five thousand days at least. And how you were worth the wait and catlessness. I really wanted you to live forever, but then one day you couldn't. 

This is my favorite photo of you.

Those white booted paws and the way this photo shows you doing what you did best, thinking about where you wanted to be next.

You were the smartest cat I have ever known. My brother used to call you the "Furry human" because, he said, you thought. Sometimes you plotted. You seemed to be self aware, and I believe you were. I'll likely never know another cat who seemed to think and observe. Like you're doing in that photo, as if you're planning on being somewhere, like you were thinking about getting there.

Here's another photo of you that I really love. At Bill's house. I remember how you unfailingly ran to greet me each and every time I returned home; you were a rocket blasting off and I was the planet you always landed on.


I don't know what you're looking at but I can see you thinking. You were the most sentient cat I've ever known. That remarkable intelligence observable through those big green eyes decorated with white eyeliner. You were a perfect being. 

I miss you. I love you, boy.  I love you. I'm crying.

Thank you for being my cat. Thank you for letting me be your human. Thank you for 10 wonderful years. You were a gift sent by God to help each other. This letter cannot express just how much you meant to me. 

Dear Maui,

I love you

your human

Nov 13, 2017

Gabriel Boojal Scraggsworth

My Gabriel Boojal Scraggsworth,

I will always love you more. Not a day passes that I don’t long for your kind cat soul draped across my lap, my knees, my shoulders, my heart.
I miss you something deep, M’love Thou. But I know you’re in a better place, a magical place where your tail leaves trails of prisms. Now you can freely chase all the pretty she-cats without worry or fear of the decay of illness, or the onslaught of deadly machinery.

Oh, my heart aches without your kind cat soul abounding nearby! They say my wish is impossible but I say: my love for you, well God will make a way for us one day.

I write to you to let you know that nothing can rip from me the joy of knowing one day we will nuzzle again. No nothing, not tooth ache, nor memory loss, not even other cats can slowly erase the longing in my heart just to engulf your big cat body again.

Until then, M’love Thou

all my love now and until eternity, my beloved
  your human

May 28, 2017

Dear Gabriel

My dearest Gabriel,

Thank you for 7 years of bliss. Where Maui acted as my companion and muse, you were my buoy. You gave me more than I can possibly thank you for. Caring for you was a great honor and it completely changed my life. Wow, do I love you. My heart will always carry you around with me wherever I go until we meet again. This time, death lost the chance to rob me of the joy of remembering. Thank you, Lord, and thank you, Gabriel.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

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