Jan 30, 2008

photo taken January 22, 2007
the first time i saw this face, those eyes...they were staring from behind prison bars. he wanted out badly, so he pressed his little nose up to the bars and held it there waiting for contact. what was i supposed to do? maui had just died 6 weeks prior and here i am cruising shelters from chatsworth to san diego--looking for love. i chatted with a lot of kittens and cats. exhaustion set in and i gave up. it would have to wait. enough already. but a family member kept commenting about my gloomy state of mind - until i got fed up enough to try one more time.

that's when he happened, that overwhelming thing up there, the monsterish looking harry form with the tempting long hair and the irresistible kisser. i think he loves me a little, just enough to make it easy on me, just enough to allow me the freedom grieve completely the loss of my one true cat-love.

i really love harry for being what he is.

Jan 24, 2008

photos taken January 23 2007
the sole purpose of these photos is to illustrate the grandeur of harry's silken fluffiness and to say i really adore this creature.

Jan 17, 2008

march 19, 2007 at 7:57am

hi, handsome. i haven't been feeling so hot, but your pictures still find me. sometimes when i don't feel so hot .. looking at your pictures make me feel worse. other times i feel so blessed to have been loved back by you. i'm okay. wondering where you are living. hoping you are remembering me because i will see you again. please don't spray there. i don't want to have to explain you later. by the time i get there i'll be too tired.

your loving human,

Jan 7, 2008

the catlove of my life, rolling.
just look at that perfect little form!

this was possibly the dustiest cat i've ever known. he was the dustiest cat i've ever loved. he lived coated in a layer of dirt. so charming. only this particular cat could have made me love dirt. i miss rinsing my mouth out all the time. there is one little meow in here so make sure your speakers are turned up.

Jan 4, 2008

you were my little muse then and you are my little muse now.

i have missed him so much that i carved him out of a giant clove of garlic. yes, that is one clove. this was the first of many to come, i'm sure. when your cat is as amazing as the nuzzler was it is very easy to stretch one clove of garlic into the image of your pet. try it.

these giant, so very perfect, cloves of garlic can be found at trader joe's.

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