Mar 26, 2008

maui onion "the nuzzler"
december 1996 - april 30, 2007

dear maui,

i know you hated other cats. i mean really, really hated other cats. remember the time you hissed and spat at me, for weeks, after you waltzed in and found a tiny little kitten on your best spot in my bed? i do. after that you only came in long enough to eat...and if i was around, you made sure i understood the penalty for my sin. and i did understand. i think it was another full 2 weeks after the tiny little kitten left before you considered even rolling over in front of me - and then another full week before my first semi-nuzzle. it was a trying time for me, too.

i just went over to your old site...ilnuzzlino. i'm not able to go there without crying. i don't want to cry anymore. it, literally, hurts my eyes. but it's getting close to one year and it's only become manageable; the memories of you are crystal clear, and so is the loss.

i've been thinking a lot about why i got so close to you, a mere feline. nuzzlebreath; it wasn't just because you were simply the most intelligent animal i've ever known. it wasn't just because you were the world's cutest/most handsome cat. it wasn't just because you were oddly so much like a human being...a furry 5 year old boy with a distinct personality. and it wasn't just because you protected me that time from an 8 inch long lizard. it was because i really, really dislike people as much as you hated other cats. we understood each other. to hell with other people's insane perceptions: our bond transcended species. you were aware of me. and toward the end i believe you were aware of yourself and our bond. i wonder now that you may have been an angel - you often enough acted as one might.

whatever you were, there isn't a day that goes by that i don't look at your pictures and think of you.

love always, always, always

your human


dear maui on april 30, 2008

happy birthday, little muse. you're safe, warm and supremely happy. i'm grateful to have loved you. your photos are on my walls; every night before i sleep i look up and remember you - otherwise you're just a part of who i've become.

thank you, God, for those 10 years with the greatest cat on earth.
ps, nuzzface, you're 6th on google

Mar 24, 2008

taken Feb something or another
my harry bezalel
if you're not overwhelmed by a burning desire to put your lips on that mouth and inhale...then something's very wrong with you.

Mar 20, 2008

march 17 2007
his name is Boy
he is a (at least 14lb) something
he is fluffy, but not silky like big, beauitful chocolaty-good harry bezalel
there is a story behind why this giant grey haired thing is sitting in my desk chair, but i'm not in the mood to tell it right now. soon, though. when i'm not so busy. oh...and he has an equally big, but very shorthaired brother with piercing green, so very soulful, eyes. the plot thickens.
i am coated in delicious cats.

Mar 11, 2008

march 11 2007
he never saw it coming
so good natured

Mar 2, 2008

saturday march 3rd, 2008
two very muddy scans of bic pen sketches of maui
will post better photos this century

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