Apr 30, 2011

happy birthday nuzzlebutt, my nuzzleboy!

My dearest Maui, happy birthday

I've been thinking a lot about what to say.

Maui—you were the best cat I've ever known.

After you died little Harry Bezalel came into my life. I saw him and I just had to have the brown haired chocolate desert. Harry Bezalel. It was meant to be.  I found him in a shelter. The light from the fluorescent bulbs above us flickered and caught his eye and in a split second I could see into his soul and I decided he wanted me back. I don't know what I was doing when I finally realized the little gleam in his eye was a merely a reflection of light.

After that there was Boy. We waited together for time to pass through the hour of your death exactly one year later. But it could never be between us. Someone else loved Boy first.

It wasn't love at first sight with Gabriel but I was desperate for love and he had kind eyes framed in thick white eyeliner. And he did this mesmerizing thing with a breath and a purr.

What I have to say now I should probably say soon because I know you hated other cats. I've never smelled, lo witnessed, anything near like your loathing toward other cats; so to avoid any hurt feelings I should let you know right now that the point of talking about all the cats who have attempted to replace you is the point. It has taken a handful of cats to help me live without the one that's you.

I miss you nuzzleface.


your human

april 30 2011

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