Apr 30, 2014

Happy Birthday, nuzzlebutt!

Happy Birthday, nuzzlebutt!

Don't worry, you're still the one.

I'm smiling again, finally.. recalling the way we used to walk to the mailbox together every day, you dangling from my arm, just bouncing along for the ride. I was so proud of you - you were such a stud, and I was hot...We made a good girl and her cat, didn't we, little buddy?

I'm thinking about how you would always wait while I opened the mail box, then as soon as I had the mail in hand you'd blast off like a rocket across the lawn and up the tree just to impress me. Oh Maui!

Remember when I had that root canal done and that stupid. creepy dentist wouldn't give me pain meds and you laid in bed with me for days until I finally decided to break down and go buy tylenol from CVS...and you walked outside with me and watched me drive off? I can still see you sitting on the curb waiting for me to arrive back home. Just waiting. Like a dog.  You were so much more than a cat - little Maui, you were an ERA, a time and place, a series of remarkable events spanning 10 years.

Shit, I'm getting older Maui. And I'm not hot anymore, I'm "Mature"... I have a 14 year old cat who's hotter than I am. But hey, I'm told that I'll get a new body in heaven. Or maybe God is going to put me in a big, stocky body as, you know - as a little practical joke, I don't know. But whatever, as long as you're there with Jesus, I'm good.

I wonder what the world thinks of these crazy letters to my dead cat, Maui, and I wonder if you're even getting these letters. It's okay if you're not reading them...you're a busy boy up there, over there, in there - you know, in heaven.  I think a lot about what you've been doing the past 7 years, and I guess I do have one question to ask...when you try spraying God does it come out as glitter and song? Just wondering.

Well, I need to go. Gabriel is crying for attention. His meows are up to 3 syllables now, and constant. It's actually Very annoying. And he sounds a lot like you lately. Sometimes I think all cats are part of one great big giant cat entity, like pieces of a puzzle that God made; it's thoughts like this that help me to express that this is the only possible way I can really love any cat as much as I loved you, because I wouldn't dare love another cat the way I loved you.

I gotta go little nuzzlebut, life is calling, but I'm about to publish this letter. With all sincerity, I pray that God will transcribe this to you. I miss you.

See you later, sweetheart.


your human

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