Nov 13, 2017

Gabriel Boojal Scraggsworth

My Gabriel Boojal Scraggsworth,

I will always love you more. Not a day passes that I don’t long for your kind cat soul draped across my lap, my knees, my shoulders, my heart.
I miss you something deep, M’love Thou. But I know you’re in a better place, a magical place where your tail leaves trails of prisms. Now you can freely chase all the pretty she-cats without worry or fear of the decay of illness, or the onslaught of deadly machinery.

Oh, my heart aches without your kind cat soul abounding nearby! They say my wish is impossible but I say: my love for you, well God will make a way for us one day.

I write to you to let you know that nothing can rip from me the joy of knowing one day we will nuzzle again. No nothing, not tooth ache, nor memory loss, not even other cats can slowly erase the longing in my heart just to engulf your big cat body again.

Until then, M’love Thou

all my love now and until eternity, my beloved
  your human

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