Apr 24, 2012

happy birthday nuzzleface ...

Oh Maui, I almost forgot that April 30th is the day I said goodbye to you. I almost missed the chance to honor your memory.

But whatever. I know you can't hear me. It's not like you could read when you were alive.

Yet I feel compelled not only to wish you well, but to do so several days in advance because I'm so busy that I barely remembered that it's That Time Of The Year again.

I have to go. Gabriel just flung chunks of litter embedded with fecal matter across the carpet again and I have to run the vacuum for the 3rd time today. And I found a 5 inch long hairball dripping with mucous displayed in all its glory on my favorite blankie.

I think about you almost every day.

"Almost". Thankfully you cannot retaliate with one of your jealous territorial urine sprees. Actually, I wish you could. I would love to be inconvenienced by your bad behavior one more time. You redefined naughty with a charm that permanently carved out a place in my heart for enternity.

I am blessed by the memories of our time on earth, and I miss you, nuzzleface. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

your human

PS, I may feel compelled to edit this post on April 30th just to be sure you get the message.

I love you.

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