Mar 17, 2009

March 17, 2009
The world's greatest cat - remembered
Photos, compliments of photofunia dot com, and the nuzzler.

3 nuzzles:

Galatea said...

Oh WOW! meowww! purrr

It's so great to see new Maui posts. I visit here on an' off in hopes of finding a new scratching post to ease my itch for more Maui and fine furry friends... So thank you Gypsy, these are wonderful! ...And who's warming up the monitor over Maui's image?

It's been a while -- I hope this message finds you well.

~ Galatea

(((Maui Forever!)))

gap said...

I put Nuzzler's photos into this site here

Don't know who's cat that orangey thing is.

Diana said...

awesome tribute!

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