Aug 6, 2007

Little Harry at 6 months

I love things about Harry. I love that he's fluffy and warm, and he can be picked up and transported to any place and just left to sit. he's like clay being molded. I love watching him run and play. he is like a feather floating slowly back down to earth. he is like light being captured as a streak in a photograph. He has beautiful eyes and his coat is as silky as any surface known. His paws are too big for his body - those paws with tufts of chocolate brown fur jutting out. he has yet to grow into those big paws. I love that. And on the legs that own those big paws are longer cream colored hairs just starting to grow out. I love that too. He hangs limp and accepts being twisted into a pretzel, dangled and folded. In the morning he sails through the air and lands on my neck. Sometimes I wake to find a nose being burrowed into my face. I love that about Harry.

He has a lot of toys, but his favorite toy is a ball almost as hairy as he is that he likes to stalk, and then parade like prey around the house. I love the way his head hangs low like a hunter, hairy ball in mouth. Harry is like the dessert tray you see carted around in expensive restaurants: there are so many flavors and textures and varieties of different creme and chocolate desserts on that 6 month old kitten. I love that his body weight has increased by 20%, and soon that 20% will be 50%, and soon that 50% will be a part of 100%; Death by Chocolate. Harry is a dessert tray and I want to eat them all whole.

I love that Harry loves every human being he meets equally, and favors not a one. No not even myself. He is one with everyone and everything and everyone and everything is one with him. this is Harry's being and it makes him both unattainable and aloof, and completely irresistible. Harry is as aloof as any cat I have ever encountered. his eyes don't settle on any one person for too long. Harry is irresistible. He is no one individual's cat - he connects only with his greater purpose. He exists. He is a part of everyone and everything, part of the collective. And that's why I love Harry Bezalel. I love him simply, and only, because he exists and breathes air. I am grateful for Harry.

Maui was simply, and only, mine. he loved no one and nothing else - and it was that way from the first day he came to possess me. I was madly in love with a being who needed that kind of love. I am still madly in love. And always will be.

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